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August 2004 Magnetic Calendar 1024x768
August 3, 2004

Yikes again........ Time really gets away from me during the summer! I completely missed the deadline for the July Contest, so I'm moving the July contest to September, and leaving the August one as August. My apologies to everyone who's been checking for it! If anyone else wants to enter that one, the new deadline will be posted on the Contests page. There are four entries so far - two Clex and two Chloe/Lex. I've emailed the entrants about this already, so if you submitted something and haven't heard from me, please contact me using the box at the bottom of the page.

August Pilot Calendar 1024x768
Prodigal (800x600)
So anyway.... I'm a Clex fan myself, but since there are Chlex fans visiting the site, I decided to do a Chlexy episode calendar. Hence the Magnetic one up there, on the left. They do make a cute couple, I'll admit.

I've gotten a couple of requests for the calendars to be available in 800x600, and I aim to please, so here they are:
Magnetic Calendar 800x600
Pilot Calendar 800x600

Still working on the episode guide and recs pages - I should have an update some time in the next few days....

Lex Luthor (800x600)

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